In February 2015, Ben Modo launched Business & Employment News (BEN) Network, a subsidiary of Prime Potomac Group, which is also owned by Ben Modo. BEN Network was a news source focused on the U.S. job economy. In addition to print news, BEN Network also included video segments with a number of different programs.

BEN Network employed approximately 40 in-house employees and nearly 50 freelance journalists from across the U.S., who depended on this job and salary for their livelihood. Last May, Prime Potomac Group, the parent company of BEN Network, allegedly lost funding when all investors backed out. As a result, Ben Modo would not have the funds to pay his employees. Instead of suspending operations, Ben Modo allowed his employees to work, knowing he would not be able to pay them. Ben Modo failed to inform his employees of this fact until payday, when he simply did not pay his employees their anticipated bi-weekly salary.

In the coming weeks, Ben Modo continued to promise to pay his employees in the short-term future. Ben Modo even held an all staff meeting where he assured his employees that the company would come back better than ever and hinted that the employees who stayed and worked temporarily unpaid would “be taken care of.” Despite these promises and assurances, Ben Modo continued to fail to pay his employees.

Just one day after the above-described all staff meeting, Ben Modo proposed a restructuring plan to some senior employees. This plan involved terminating the majority of staff despite promising that they would have a spot in the company just one day earlier. Below is what Ben Modo drew up as the new company organizational chart; it depicts how Ben Modo cut a staff of approximately 90 to just 16.

Organizational Chart

To this day, nearly 16 months later, Ben Modo still has not paid any of his former employees.

In a desperate attempt to retrieve at least some of the money earned, several former BEN Network employees and freelancers have sued the company and Ben Modo personally. Ben Modo has not appeared for a single court date and even failed to appear to a court-mandated deposition.

In March 2016, the court issued a summary judgment against Prime Potomac Group, the parent company of BEN Network, ordering payment of monies owed to these former employees. The summary judgement can be seen below.

Summary Judgement

To date, Prime Potomac Group still has not paid any money owed to its former employees. A litigation against Ben Modo personally is still pending.

On June 30, 2016, Ben Modo failed to renew his subscription to the domain, allowing this website to go up for auction. A former employee of BEN Network has acquired this website in order to inform any individual considering doing business with Ben Modo, either as an investor or employee, that, Ben Modo should not be trusted.